One Phone Call, and You’re in the Contract Placement Business

“Solo Workforce Back Office powers my contract placement success. I love how easy they are to work with.”

-Contract Placement Recruiter

No-Cost, On-Demand, Nationwide, Payroll and Great Benefits

Contract Placement Could Not Be Easier

One call is all it takes to plug into the Solo Workforce Premium Back Office for contingent worker payroll, benefits, independent contractor compliance and risk management.

The Perfect Back-Office Solution

FREE, on-demand and nationwide, Solo Workforce Premium Back Office is the perfect back-office solution for contingent recruiters and contract staffing professionals who place highly compensated soloists on projects with client companies. (Minimum contractor revenues: $5,000/month)

Onboarding as Fast as One Day

Simply plug into Solo Workforce anytime, anywhere and with any contract professional, and we take it from there. Whether you outsource one placement or a hundred, the Solo Workforce premium back office solution scales to meet your needs. Solo Workforce is available for you to use whenever and as often as you need premium back-office support. There are no set-up costs, no subscription fees and no gotchas. Onboarding can begin within one day of notification.

Your Trusted Partner

Solo Workforce is NOT in the sourcing and placement business. We are in the back-office business. Period. Even though your back office is powered by Solo Workforce, you’re still the boss.

You Call the Shots

Solo Workforce operates silently in the background so you always retain complete control over billing rates and contract terms.

Solo Workforce takes care to protect the personal rapport you have so carefully built with your clients and with the contract professionals you represent.

Flexible Engagement Options

Solo Workforce can:

  1. Contract directly to your business,
  2. Subcontract through your business to the client, or
  3. Contract directly to the client as your dedicated agent.

However we engage, we always make sure you receive your full profit margin.

Complete and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

As a premium employer of record and contract staffing back-office provider, Solo Workforce maintains a complete and comprehensive suite of liability insurance policies with high claims limits. Request Certificate of Insurance.

Commercial General Liability

Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Damage to Rental $1,000,000
Med Exp per Person $10,000
Personal & Adv Injury $1,000,000
General Aggregate $2,000,000
Products Aggregate $2,000,000


Professional Liability

Aggregate Limit $2,000,000


Umbrella Liability

Each Occurrence $5,000,000
Aggregate $5,000,000

Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Liability

Each Accident $1,000,000


Workers Compensation & Employers’ Liability

Each Accident $1,000,000
Disease (Each Emp) $1,000,000
Disease (Policy Limit) $1,000,000

Your Clients Demand Strong IC Compliance

Solo Workforce virtually eliminates the threat to your clients of contingent worker reclassification, costly class-action lawsuits and government audits.

Strong Affirmative Defense

Our proprietary compliance protocols, commercial insurance coverage, executive-level employee benefits and tax-advantaged business model deliver the staffing industry’s strongest affirmative defense against claims of co-employment and other risks associated with worker status.

100% Effective Compliance

While managing contingent workforce compliance throughout the United States since 1998, no contingent worker managed by Solo Workforce has ever been reclassified as an employee of our client. Solo Workforce IC Compliance can be your strongest selling point with prospective clients.

Expert Payroll Management

Solo Workforce processes payroll nationwide through our proprietary reporting software, online data collection and partner services.

Automated Payroll Management

Sit back and relax. Solo Workforce handles the entire payroll process, including the following services:

  • Manage online digital timesheets and business expense reporting.
  • Provide co-branded invoices and marketing materials as your dedicated agent.
  • Accurate and timely submission of invoices for authorized work and approved expenses.
  • Payroll processing upon receipt of payment for work performed. Payroll in advance of receipt of payment is available.
  • Accurate payroll processing and tax reporting in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Processing of IRS Form W-2 for Warranted W-2 employees and IRS Form 1099 for Certified IC independent contractors.

Attract and Retain Smarter Contractors and Wealthier Clients

The Solo Workforce premium back office offers tax-advantaged earnings and executive-level benefits to your contract talent and strong co-employment risk mitigation to your clients. This level of back-office support is simply unavailable through an ordinary employer of record, creating a strong competitive advantage when marketing your contract placement services to highly skilled contractors and wealthy client companies.

Compete for Contract Talent

Competitive advantages unique to the Solo Workforce business model include:

  • Tax-free write-offs same as if self-employed.
  • Best-in-nation 401(k) allowing our members to contribute up to 100% of their gross wage, up to the IRS limit.
  • The most comprehensive executive-level employee benefits package available to any contract professional, anywhere in the USA.

Compete for Larger Clients

Larger and wealthier clients want to do business with recruiters who are best equipped to protect their clients from co-employment risks.
The Solo Workforce Premium Back Office delivers the staffing industry’s strongest affirmative defense against claims of co-employment and other risks associated with worker status.
Your clients are looking for recruiters who are powered by Solo Workforce

Powerful Selling Points

The Solo Workforce premium back office offers advantages for your contract professionals and your clients that are simply unavailable through an ordinary Employer of Record. Contractors and clients alike will want to return to you again and again for help in procuring contract engagements.

Selling Point: Innovative Business Model

The Solo Workforce business model offers the option of continuous, uninterrupted employment, detailed cash flow reporting, tax-free write-offs of out-of-pocket business and medical expenses, an aggressive 401(k) and an executive-level benefits package. An ordinary employer of record with an ordinary business model cannot offer these advantages. But you can, when your contract placement business is powered by Solo Workforce.

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the Solo Workforce Innovative Business Model

Selling Point: Personalized Support

When you consider all the non-billable administrative tasks that a recruiter must do just to manage their contract placements, you can appreciate the tremendous benefit of having a trusted partner whose sole mission is to make your job as a contract placement professional as easy -- and as profitable -- as possible. An ordinary employer of record cannot offer this level of personalized support. But you can, when your contract placement business is powered by Solo Workforce.

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Personalized Support for Contract Professionals

Selling Point: Executive-Level Benefits

Executive-level benefits can be a powerful selling point when pitching your placement services to highly skilled contract professionals. Solo Workforce lets you give your skilled contractors the most comprehensive employee benefits package available to any contract professional anywhere in the United States. An ordinary employer of record cannot offer this level of employee benefits. But you can, when your contract placement business is powered by Solo Workforce.

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Executive-Level Benefits for Contract Professionals

Selling Point: Tax-Advantaged Earnings

Your contract professionals employed by Solo Workforce enjoy the same tax-free write-offs as a self-employed professional. Contract professionals can save thousands of dollars in taxes, thereby increasing their total compensation. The Solo Workforce business model is so powerful that Solo Workforce employees typically earn higher tax-advantaged income than a self-employed independent contractor with the same corp-to-corp billing rate. An ordinary employer of record cannot offer tax-advantaged earnings. But you can, when your contract placement business is powered by Solo Workforce.

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Tax-Advantaged Earnings for Contract Professionals

Reward Yourself and Your Staff

Let Solo Workforce provide back office support for you and your own staff.

Not Just for Your Contractors

You and your staff can enjoy the same executive-level benefits, the same tax-free write-offs and the same tax-advantaged income as the contract professionals you refer to Solo Workforce for executive-level benefits and payroll processing.

Become a Talent Agent for Contract Knowledge Workers

Embrace the Hollywood Model. Make more money as a talent agent for contract knowledge workers.

Powered by Solo Workforce

Build your own teams of skilled professionals while outsourcing your back office to Solo Workforce. It’s free, flexible, safe, secure, scalable, and highly attractive to contractors and clients alike.
The Solo Workforce umbrella gives you the credentials you need to pitch larger clients, staff bigger projects and make more money with clients based anywhere in the country.
YOUR clients, YOUR contracts, YOUR contractors, our back office. Think big and Solo Workforce will make it happen for you.

Expert Support for Your Teams

Solo Workforce is uniquely equipped to handle the complex billing procedures and consolidated invoicing required to support multiple teams of contract professionals.

$$$ The Potential Is Huge $$$

Let’s say you maintain a modest slate of just 25 skilled consultants, each with corp-to-corp revenues of $100,000/year. Add a reasonable placement fee of 10 - 20% clean profit and you will earn $250,000 to $500,000/year.
How easy is that!

The Bottom Line: Attract More Business. Make More Money

It’s a fact, when you empower your contract placement business with the Solo Workforce premium back office, you will attract more business, your profits will be greater, your contract placements will earn higher total compensation and enjoy better benefits than if you were to do it all by yourself or through an ordinary back office provider.

Plug into our premium back office