Your Strongest Affirmative Defense Against Contingent Worker Misclassification

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Contingent Worker Compliance, Payroll, Benefits & Co-Employment Risk Management for Companies and Government Agencies
-- At Minimal Cost to Your Organization --

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Solo Workforce compliance protocols create a strong affirmative defense against worker misclassification while providing unparalleled service to your internally sourced contingent workers.

Full-Service Solution

The Solo Workforce premium employer of record platform includes comprehensive compliance evaluation, full-service contingent worker payroll and executive-level benefits for W-2 contractors.

One-Day Onboarding

Highly effective compliance is quick, secure, easy, economical, on-demand and nationwide. There are no set-up costs, no subscription fees and no gotchas. Onboarding can begin within one day of notification.

Virtually Eliminate Compliance Claims

Solo Workforce virtually eliminates the threat of contingent worker reclassification, costly class-action lawsuits and government audits. The financial consequences of independent contractor misclassification can cripple an organization.

Strong Affirmative Defense

Our proprietary compliance protocols, commercial insurance coverage, executive-level employee benefits and tax-advantaged business model deliver the staffing industry’s strongest affirmative defense against claims of co-employment and other risks associated with worker status.

High Cost of Non-Compliance

Lawsuits by class-action attorneys and claims by government agencies seeking unpaid employee benefits, back taxes, penalties and interest can easily cost upwards of $25,000 to $100,000 for each misclassified worker. Even if you prevail in court, you will still pay the high price of defending your case.

100% Effective Compliance

While managing contingent workforce compliance throughout the United States since 1998, no contingent worker managed by Solo Workforce has ever been reclassified as an employee of our client.

Advanced Compliance Protocols

  • Our compliance evaluation is based on both the characteristics of the contingent worker and the nature of your organization’s relationship with the worker.
  • Compliance files, compliance tracking and automated compliance alerts make sure your contractors remain in compliance for the duration of their contract.

Warranted W-2 & Certified IC

  • Warranted W-2 Employee: The status we assign to non-compliant contractors who we convert to fully employed, fully benefitted employees of Solo Workforce.
  • Certified IC Independent Contractor: The status we assign to legitimate independent contractors who pass our rigorous vetting process.

Complete and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

As a premium employer of record and contract staffing back-office provider, Solo Workforce maintains a complete and comprehensive suite of liability insurance policies with high claims limits. Request Certificate of Insurance.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability

Med Exp per Person $10,000
Products Aggregate $2,000,000
Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Damage to Rental $1,000,000
Personal & Adv Injury $1,000,000
General Aggregate $2,000,000


Professional Liability

Aggregate Limit $2,000,000


Umbrella Liability

Each Occurrence $5,000,000
Aggregate $5,000,000

Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Liability

Each Accident $1,000,000


Workers Compensation & Employers’ Liability

Each Accident $1,000,000
Disease (Each Emp) $1,000,000
Disease (Policy Limit) $1,000,000

Safe and Secure Consultants

Background checks, credit reporting and drug testing as required for maximum security.

Safe and Secure Engagement

Solo Workforce coordinates and reports to you on local, state and federal background checks, as required, to protect the integrity of your projects. Drug testing, either one-time or random, is available through our partners. We pass the actual cost to you with no markup.

Safe and Secure Payroll

One of the leading triggers for claims of worker misclassification is unpaid payroll taxes.

The Threat

Claims of contingent worker misclassification frequently happen when an independent contractor fails to file their income tax returns and the IRS reclassifies the worker as an employee of the client in order to collect back taxes, penalties and interest.

The Solo Workforce Solution

Solo Workforce reports and pays all required taxes and issues IRS Form W-2 at the end of the year. As the worker’s legal employer, Solo Workforce assumes full responsibility for payment of taxes, completely eliminating this trigger for claims of worker misclassification.

Safe and Secure Benefits

Another trigger for worker misclassification occurs when temp agencies provide inadequate insurance coverage and insufficient employee benefits.

Great Employee Benefits

Consultants employed by Solo Workforce qualify for the most comprehensive employee benefits package available to any independent professional anywhere in the United States.

Great Benefits = Great Security

Ordinary temp agencies cannot match our comprehensive list of health, wellness, business and lifestyle benefits, thereby exposing their clients to claims for unpaid employee benefits by disaffected contract workers.

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One Call and You’re Covered

It’s fast, easy and economical to plug into Solo Workforce. All you do is identify the internally sourced contract worker(s) you want for your project. Tell us the billing rate that you and the consultant have agreed to. We add a modest management fee and take it from there. Client services include:

  • The nation’s strongest co-employment risk mitigation,
  • One-day onboarding,
  • Complete and comprehensive liability insurance coverage,
  • Contract administration,
  • Automated work and expense reporting,
  • Automated invoicing and collections,
  • Executive-level benefits and administration,
  • Payroll and tax reporting,
  • Offboarding and COBRA.

We do it all for you. Contact Solo Workforce today.

The Bottom Line: Strong Compliance + Secure Payroll + Happy Contractors

Simply plug into Solo Workforce anytime, anywhere and with any contract professional, and we take it from there. Solo Workforce is available for you to use whenever and as often as you need.

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