About Solo Workforce

“The ONLY legitimate purpose of business is to promote the common good through commerce.”
— James R. Ziegler, Solo Workforce Founder, President and CEO

How Solo’s Contingent Worker Solutions Protect You

Solo Workforce offers an umbrella of contingent worker solutions to assist and protect all stakeholders in the solo workforce. Whether you engage or supply contingent professionals, or you work as one, Solo has you covered.

Here’s how:

  • Solo Professionals:
    • The staffing industry’s lowest employer of record service fee.
    • The same tax-free reimbursements  enjoyed by independent contractors.
    • Executive-level employee benefits package.
    • Best-in-nation 401(k) plan. Save up to $59,000 per year tax deferred.
  • Hiring Managers:
    • Strongest affirmative defense against claims of contingent worker misclassification.
    • Powerful, nationwide contingent worker payroll processing.
    • Comprehensive business insurance and executive-level employee benefits.
  • Recruiting Professionals:
    • Premium back office support.
    • On-demand, always available.
    • No ongoing commitment.
    • No markup and no hidden fees.
    • Nationwide business insurance and employee benefits.

Read on to learn more about Solo Workforce, our services, our story and why you should contact us today.

The Solo Workforce Story

Our CEO, James R. Ziegler, Ph.D., founded Solo Workforce in 1997 as a way to provide independent-minded solo professionals, like himself, with an ethical, low-cost employer-of-record service.

We began as the Professional Association of Contract Employees.

Originally called the Professional Association of Contract Employees (P.A.C.E.), our company adopted an innovative business model that offers contractors, freelancers and consultants higher, tax-advantaged earnings, exceptional back-office support, and the most comprehensive employee benefits package available to any independent professional anywhere in the United States.

As a thought leader in the field of contingent staffing, Dr. Ziegler has written numerous articles and newsletters, garnering an Internet following and reputation that persists today.

We Grew as Solo W-2, Inc.

In 2007, we rebranded the company as Solo W-2, Inc., reflecting our commitment to provide independent-minded contract professionals with elite corporate employment. Hence, the name: Solo W-2, Inc.

We also expanded our business model to offer a comprehensive umbrella of services for all stakeholders in the solo workforce. Our focus had broadened but the evolution of our company was not over yet.

And We Expanded Further to Become Solo Workforce

Focusing on the entire solo workforce is what makes our company unique. So, in 2013, we unveiled our new name, Solo Workforce. While our name has changed over the years, our commitment to providing unparalleled service and value to all stakeholders in the solo workforce remains the same.

Why Solo Workforce

The contingent workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate, providing challenges and opportunities to all stakeholders in the solo workforce. 

Solo Workforce Is the Obvious Choice

Whether you engage or supply contingent professionals, or you work as one, you will want to be in a position to receive the greater savings, exceptional risk mitigation, higher earnings and increased flexibility Solo Workforce offers.
Solo Workforce is staffed with experts in payroll services and contingent workforce management. Learn more about us on the Our Team page.With Solo Workforce, you’ll have a company of trusted professionals on your side, committed to protecting and assisting you, regardless of where you stand in the contingent workforce – as a contract employee, self-employed independent professional, employer or staffing firm.

What can Solo Workforce do for you?