Solo Workforce Delivers Executive-Level Benefits

Executive-Level Benefits Package

The Solo Workforce Executive-Level Benefits Package provides exceptional financial security for you and your family. Benefits are tax-free and they are portable nationwide.

Maximum Savings

The employee benefits in your benefits package are provided at no cost or are purchased by your Solo Workforce division with tax-free dollars from your pre-tax revenue stream.

Maximum Earnings

This is just one way that we are able to leverage the innovative Solo Workforce business model to maximize your total tax-advantaged compensation.

The Benefit of Assured Compliance

Solo Workforce co-employment risk management protects both you and your client. We rigorously guard your employment status to ensure you are never mistaken for an employee of the client.

Certified IC Independence

Solo Workforce confers the status of Certified IC independent contractor on self-employed independent contractors who verifiably meet our rigorous standards for an established business.

Assured IC Compliance

Certified IC status ensures that self-employed contractors are never mistaken for an employee of the client.

Agent of Record

Solo Workforce serves as the agent of record for Certified IC independent contractors. We contract directly with the client. Certified IC independent contractors subcontract through Solo Workforce to their client. Solo Workforce reports yearly Certified IC earnings on IRS Form 1099.

Provide Own Benefits

Certified IC independent contractors provide their own employee benefits.

Warranted W-2 Employment

Solo Workforce confers the status of Warranted W-2 employee on contractors who do not qualify for Certified IC status or who prefer the enormous advantages of Warranted W-2 status.

Assured W-2 Compliance

Warranted W-2 status ensures that Solo Workforce W-2 employees are never mistaken for an employee of the client.

Employer of Record

Solo Workforce serves as the employer of record for Warranted W-2 contractors. We contract directly with the client and Warranted W-2 contractors fulfil the contract as legal employees of Solo Workforce. Solo Workforce reports yearly Warranted W-2 earnings on IRS Form W-2.

Receive Executive-Level Benefits

Warranted W-2 employees of Solo Workforce qualify for executive-level employee benefits.


Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

Lack of coverage for workers compensation and unemployment insurance are major triggers for claims of worker misclassification against client companies.

Workers Compensation

Solo Workforce provides workers compensation coverage in every state.

Unemployment Insurance

W-2 consultants are covered by unemployment insurance in the consultant’s home state.

ACA (ObamaCare) Compliant Group Health Insurance Coverage

Solo Workforce has partnered with United Healthcare to provide ACA (ObamaCare) compliant group health insurance nationwide.

You Have Multiple Options

Solo Workforce offers three group health insurance plans, including two PPO plans and one HSA (Health Savings Account) compatible high-deductible plan.
You can also obtain coverage through a state exchange or the federal exchange, in the private marketplace, through a spouse or qualifying domestic partner, through COBRA, or certain other insurance providers. We will assist you in selecting the best health insurance solution for your unique situation.

Vision and Dental Insurance

Free or deeply discounted vision and dental care.

Vision Insurance from VSP

Generous vision plan offers deeply discounted eye exams, frames, lenses and contacts every year, plus deeply discounted laser vision correction.

Dental Insurance from Principal

Treatment for inlays, onlays, single crowns, prosthetics, periodontics and oral surgery from the Principal Life Insurance Company.

Guaranteed Issue Group Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Tax-advantaged, guaranteed issue group life and long-term disability insurance for full time members.

Life and AD&D Insurance

$10,000 life and AD&D insurance is free for all full time members. Additional coverage up to $100,000 is guaranteed issue. Upper limit of $500,000. Cost of first $50,000 is tax-free. Additional at very favorable IRS Table I tax rates.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Very inexpensive, guaranteed issue, long-term disability insurance with tax-free benefit equal to 60% of gross wage up to $10,000 per month. Coverage is required for all full time members. Insurance of this type is virtually impossible to qualify for on your own.

Free Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees and household members can confidentially address and resolve personal and workplace challenges through our free EAP from Aetna. The EAP offers short-term counseling on all aspects of life at no cost.

Legal & Financial Services

Typical financial matters include credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, tax planning, and retirement and college planning from qualified professionals.

Worklife Resources

Employees and their households can receive assistance for a variety of concerns including childcare, eldercare, adoption and daily living issues, among others.

Paid Family Leave and Sick Leave

Take advantage of our paid family and sick leave policies to address your and your family’s medical needs.

Policies Comply with State and Local Mandates

Our nationwide policies for family leave and sick leave further our goal of providing excellent healthcare benefits to all Solo Workforce employees. Our family leave and sick leave policies comply with state and local laws where mandated.

Solo Workforce defines the accrual amounts. You accrue sick leave and family leave starting with your first payroll. Use the funds as they are set aside or save them for when you need them -- it’s your choice.

Vacation and Sabbatical

Solo Workforce places no limits on voluntary time off.

Come and Go as You Like

As a Solo Workforce employee, you are the manager of your own division. You control your time and you control your revenue stream. If you like, you can define a vacation fund or plan a long-term sabbatical. Your personal assistant will work with you to calculate an accrual schedule to cover your division expenses (e.g., health insurance premiums, etc.) so you can take some well earned time off.

You’re just one step away from solo success