The Solo Workforce Business Model Powers Solo Success

The Best of Both Worlds

Working under the Solo Workforce umbrella gives solo professionals all the freedom, independence and flexibility of self-employment plus the personalized support and executive-level benefits of elite corporate employment. Our Solo Business Model is truly the best of both worlds. 

Designed for Busy Professionals

We created the Solo Workforce employer of record platform to empower busy, highly skilled, solo professionals who generate at least $5,000 per month in gross revenues.

Your Legal Employer

Solo Workforce becomes your legal employer. We focus on the legal, financial and administrative details so you can focus on building a successful solo career.

You’re Still The Boss

When you join Solo Workforce, you become the manager of your own one-person business unit, called a division. Your division operates like a separate one-person business and you continue to operate like a self-employed independent contractor. You’re still the boss.

Just Like Self-Employment

The revenues Solo Workforce collects on your behalf enter your division as a pre-tax revenue stream. You direct how these funds should be allocated to reimburse you for out-of-pocket business and medical expenses, contribute to your best-in-the-nation 401(k) account and purchase your group benefits.

-- Only Better

The remainder of your pre-tax revenue stream makes up your highly tax-advantaged gross pay. As a Solo Workforce member, you can actually earn higher total tax-advantaged compensation than a self-employed professional with the same gross revenues. It really is just like self-employment -- only better.

100% Visibility

Solo Workforce members have 100% visibility into the details of their division’s professional activities.

No Secrets. Nothing to Hide.

We never get between you and your client. You will always have full, unfettered access to your clients and 100% visibility into the details of your division’s professional activities.

Enjoy Full Participation

Our members participate fully in contract negotiations, preparation and approval of the statement of work (SOW), setting the billing rate and all aspects of the billing process.

Detailed Cash Flow Reports

With every paycheck, Solo Workforce prepares a complete cash flow report, essentially a profit & loss statement, detailing your one-person division’s financial activity and current status.

Every Penny Is Accounted For

Your online cash flow report gives a full accounting of collected revenues as well as how those revenues are allocated to support your division and arrive at your highly tax-advantaged gross wage.

Unique Among Employers

The Solo Workforce business model stands virtually alone in providing 100% visibility -- something you will never receive from a typical contract staffing agency or any other ordinary employer of record.

Solo Innovation

In the Solo Workforce business model, the soloist is the customer and elite, fully benefitted, tax-advantaged employment is the product. 

Innovative Business Model

You can easily appreciate how truly innovative Solo Workforce is and how the Solo Workforce business model stands alone as the nation’s most powerful employer of record platform.

Money-Saving Innovations

The lean, elite, employment and benefits platform from Solo Workforce features time- and money-saving innovations you will not find in an ordinary employer of record.

Did a Recruiter Place You with the Client?

You can still use Solo Workforce as your employer of record, even if a recruiter matched you with a client.

It’s a Win-Win for You and The Recruiter

Solo Workforce routinely works with recruiters. With your full participation, we negotiate a corp-to-corp independent contractor billing rate that:

  • Gives you higher total compensation and better employee benefits.
  • Preserves the recruiter’s full placement fee while we do all the work.

The Solo Workforce tax-advantaged business model means everybody wins.

You’re just one step away from solo success