Crowdsourced Marketing for the Contingent Workforce

Earn Generous Cash Rewards

Anyone can earn generous cash rewards simply by referring contingent workforce stakeholders to Solo Workforce. Referral Rewards average $1,000 per year, up to $5,000 over five years, for each contract professional who joins Solo Workforce as a result of your referral.

The Solo Workforce Referral Reward is more than a finder’s fee and more than a one-time commission — referral rewards are ongoing royalties on new business you refer to Solo Workforce. It’s our thank-you for helping Solo Workforce grow.

Do You Know Stakeholders in the Contingent Workforce?

Leverage Your Existing Relationships to Earn Generous Cash Rewards.

Do you rub shoulders with:

  • Contract professionals
  • HR managers
  • Procurement officers
  • Staffing firms
  • Entrepreneurs and
  • Decision makers in companies of all sizes that engage contract professionals?

If so, you can earn huge cash rewards, simply by introducing stakeholders you already know to Solo Workforce.

For example, you can easily earn $1,000 per year in referral rewards, up to $5,000 over five years, by referring just one contract professional who joins Solo Workforce. Moreover, you can earn up to ten times that amount by referring just one client company or staffing firm when they choose Solo Workforce to manage their contract professionals.

For almost two decades, Solo Workforce has provided innovative solutions to assist and protect all stakeholders in the contingent workforce.

Now, we continue that tradition of innovation as we introduce Crowdsourced Marketing for the Contingent Workforce.

Crowdsourced Marketing Harnesses the Power of Word-of-Mouth.

Anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to be an employee of Solo Workforce or even have a contract, because Crowdsourced Marketing is totally ad hoc.

Crowdsourced Marketing Leverages Existing Relationships

Crowdsourced Marketing harnesses the power of word-of-mouth and it has the potential to generate huge referral rewards for individuals who help Solo Workforce grow by leveraging their existing relationships with other stakeholders.

Highly Cost Effective

Through Crowdsourced Marketing, our marketing budget becomes highly cost effective because we only pay for sales efforts that actually result in new business. This approach avoids the expense of maintaining a large sales force, and frees up resources to pay generous referral rewards to individuals — individuals just like you.

There Is No Limit to the Referral Rewards You Can Earn

There is no limit to the number of stakeholders you can refer to Solo Workforce and there is no limit to the number of referral rewards you can earn through Crowdsourced Marketing.

How Do We Compute the Amount of Your Referral Reward?

Referral rewards are set at 1 percent of collected revenues and they continue for five years.

Earn a Nice Vacation

So, if you refer just one typical contract professional and that contractor generates around $100,000 per year in gross revenues, your 1 percent referral reward works out to around $1,000 for the first full year and up to $5,000 over five years. That’s the equivalent of a nice vacation!

Can I Refer a Staffing Firm or Client Company?

You might ask “What if I refer a staffing firm or client company?”

It’s Like Getting a New Car

In that case, your referral reward is 1 percent of the total revenues Solo Workforce collects on the first 10 individuals from that staffing firm or client company over the next five years.

For example, imagine you refer a startup that engages ten contract professionals. That computes to around $10,000 per year in referral rewards, up to $50,000 over five years. That’s the equivalent of a new car!

What if I Refer Ten Staffing Firms or Client Companies?

Let’s take it a little further.

Easily Afford a New House

Suppose you refer 10 contingent staffing firms or client companies that decide to use Solo Workforce as their employer of record for contract professionals.

Say the businesses keep a total of 100 highly skilled professionals working on projects for their own clients.

Your referral rewards will total $100,000 for the first full year, up to $500,000 over five years. That’s the equivalent of a new house!

Business Owners Can Refer Their Own Contractors

Staffing firm owners and other business owners can earn ongoing referral rewards on their own contractors.

Refer Your Own Contractors

Imagine you are the owner of a contingent staffing firm or other business that engages contract talent, and you refer your contractors to Solo Workforce for independent contractor compliance, payroll processing and benefits administration.

Referral Rewards Last Five Years

Not only will you earn generous referral rewards while your contractors are working for you, but those referral rewards will continue up to five years, even after your contractors have moved on to projects at other companies.

It’s Really Very Easy

With very little effort you can help Solo Workforce grow through Crowdsourced Marketing while earning referral rewards totaling tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

One Click Is All It Takes

Just click on the “Make a Referral Now!” button, below, and enter the contact information for yourself and any qualified stakeholders you want to refer.

That’s all there is to it. When we connect with your referral, we will ask them to confirm that you are the reason they selected Solo Workforce. We will then contact you to confirm how you want to receive your referral rewards.

Every time we receive a payment for a contract professional linked to you, we will credit one percent of the contractor's gross revenues to your referral rewards account.

Referral Rewards: Our Thank-you for Helping Solo Workforce Grow

All you do now is sit back and collect your ongoing referral rewards as our thank-you for helping Solo Workforce grow.

All of us at Solo Workforce wish you unparalleled financial success as you help us grow through Crowdsourced Marketing for the Contingent Workforce.

Start earning thousands in referral rewards